Art Class!


Classes are currently on hiatus because I gave birth in December!
We expect to resume in March.

Where and when is the class?

The class is held every other Tuesday evening at Dandelion Botanical in Ballard. Click here for a Google Map of the location.

About the class…

In this class the students are prepared to learn watercolor techniques, and methods used by classical masters. Students will discover color theory,and brush stroke styles, while improving drawing skills, Budding artists in this class are encouraged to explore their own artistic voice, and Imaginative expression. This watercolor painting course is a fun way to relax, while acquiring a new skill, and being part of a group who enjoys learning, and creating.

The classes are $25 each session and the first session is free! So come over and check it out.

For more information about this class and other classes taught at Dandelion Botanical please visit their website here.

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